Employee Comments

After 17 years with my previous company, I was released due to an internal reorganization. I was faced with the uncertainty of what I would do in my next career, unsure where to turn, or how I would "reinvent" myself until I found my next employment opportunity.

A friend referred to me to TempForce. There I met Lori Troyer who didn't treat me like another "temp" or someone who was recently unemployed and was looking for work. Lori took time to get to know me, assessed my skills and quickly found a long term temporary position that matched my skill set, personality and the needs of the company, while I sought full time employment in the industry which I came from. 

During the time I was with TempForce I found their staff to be extremely courteous, professional and motivated to help me. I was recently offered a full time job in the industry where I have the skills and experience to be successful in my next career, and while I was sad to leave TempForce I would strongly recommend anyone looking for new career opportunities to consider partnering with them. I am certainly glad I did.

Gary L. Caracofe
Technical Account Manager
Kryterion Inc.

Working with TempForce has been an excellent experience.  The level of service outshines all other agencies. I commend you all for your superior teamwork! You strive for excellence in all levels and aspects and it makes you number one!

Judy M.

I am so overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of TempForce. Thank you!

Sharon C.

To the TempForce crew, I just want to thank you all for your hard work and for all you did for me to keep me employed! It was a positive experience and I'm thankful. I will continue to refer people to you.

Suzanne E.

From Clients

“TempForce has done a wonderful job at bringing candidates in for us! I continue to use TempForce because of the excellent service level we receive. The staff has gone over and above our expectations and has outdone all other temp agencies that I have utilized in the past. Thanks for making my job easier!”

Kimberly R.

“We have been very pleased with the quality of candidates you send. Their work ethic is exceptional!”

Mary J.

“We are most pleased with our team of back up receptionists. They all do a nice job for us and are always so pleasant to work with. No matter who I speak with at TempForce when requesting a temp, my work order is always handled in a professional and timely manner. I was skeptical we could actually train a team of backups who would be available when we called and who would actually retain the training necessary to operate our switchboard. My fears were unfounded, and we are pleased to be able to afford our three receptionists the opportunity to more fully participate in company events thanks to TempForce.”

Bonnie W.

“TempForce has been able to supply us with a qualified team that is willing to perform repetitive activities and work on a diverse team. TempForce has shown a desire to match the people to the job, coming into our facility to research our needs, and then finding the staff that would best fit the desired results.”

Dale H

“Wouldn’t think of working with another agency. I appreciate the quality of service, the professionalism, and the friendliness.”

Susan A.




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